Whitewater Rafting in California

cropped-Whitewater-rafting-californiaCalifornia and the American West in all is absolutely one of the greatest places in the world to do some California whitewater rafting. Californian rivers are great for everyone, amateur and professional alike. Beautiful scenery, the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and the western spirit itself – what more do you need? Everything is truly unique, so California whitewater rafting is also an experience you will get nowhere else. Sure, you can go rafting almost everywhere, but hey, you are a person of class and style, right? So do not think about settling for anything less than the legendary American River. Anybody who has gone rafting through the mighty canyons of the American river, will definitely tell you that is an experience one does not forget.

Many people choose to go whitewater rafting in California, because of many reasons –


  • A lot of reputable and reliable outfitters operate in this area (just a quick word about them – since there are so many of them, do not hesitate to spend some extra time checking with more than a couple, to be sure that you will get everything you want, and for the best price, too);
  • The nature is amazing.
  • The weather is always nice.
  • Everything is close to the Central Valley, Lake Tahoe and the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Class 01 to Class 06 challenges are plenty – families, seniors, kids, survival maniacs, and Olympic athletes will all find their own river to go whitewater rafting.


In short, whatever your taste, whatever your experience, and whatever your spirit is, California will exceed everybody’s expectations. So let us look deeper into the California whitewater rafting issues.