Colorado Whitewater Rafting

Colorado whitewater rafting is considered by many to be one of the best places in the United States to go and do some Colorado whitewater rafting. The mighty Colorado River is more than 1,450 miles long, and cover tremendous area. The riverside sights leave everyone speechless, especially the desert sections, with their hundred millions years old canyons and all the ghost towns of Sierra Madre. Moreover, Colorado whitewater rafting has something in store for all – from the chairman of the board, to the baby on board. Class 01 to Class 06 rapids are plenty, so no matter what your level your Colorado whitewater rafting experience is, you will definitely have something do while you’re at it.

The Browns Canyon is the number one choice for some laid back Colorado whitewater rafting. The area is isolated, no big rapids, beautiful scenery. More experienced Colorado whitewater rafting teams should proceed downstream to the Wildhorse Canyon. This is a more technical challenge, so forget warm-ups and start paddling. Great views of the tall mountain peaks along the way.

If you are looking for something raw and wild in Colorado whitewater rafting, saddle up and turn to the Numbers section. Class 04 to Class 05. No time to joke around or even recover, you have to have SKILLS if you want to survive this one. Narrow and steep. Take the whole day to do some serious Colorado whitewater rafting here.


When you come down to Colorado for some whitewater rafting, you do not need to know how to swim or anything, because state-of-the-art Type 5 whitewater lifejackets will be provided for everyone by the outfitters. That’s state standard for every outfitter, operating in the region. Of course, you should be comfortable enough around water anyway, because sometimes we all have to take the fall out of the boat, no matter where, or no matter what whitewater rafting experience we have.


Since a lot of the Colorado whitewater rafting trips take more than a day or two, especially if you’re doing the Great Canyon whitewater rafting, you will have to go ashore at the end of the day, and that’s another great place to have some fun. Historic ghost towns or the canyon scenery itself are well worth exploring thoroughly. Moreover, even if you are too tired to go anywhere, the campsites will provide you with plenty of comfort and fun. Delicious food, cooked on the spot right there. Everybody chilling by the fireside. Quality wine. Tasty breakfast in the morning. You name it, the sky’s the limit – ask your outfitter and you will get it.


Colorado Whitewater Rafting
Colorado Whitewater Rafting

The Colorado whitewater rafting season is open from mid-April to mid-October, so it leaves you plenty of time to do some serious Colorado whitewater rafting. Of course, there are some weather changes, but that only adds diversity to the whole thing. For instance, from April to June, the water levels are higher, rain is more frequent and the temperature is cooler. The rapids are also considerably wilder, so if you like some real challenges, this may be the best time to do some Colorado whitewater rafting.

When July and August come, the water levels drop down and stabilize, thus decreasing rapid class, and also making the trips enjoyable for beginners too. The weather is sunny and hot, with just only occasional showers in the afternoon to let you cool down a bit. In addition, when the water recedes, some Colorado whitewater rafting sections become more technically challenging, because of all the riverbed obstructions.