White Bass Rigs

If you’re trying to catch more white bass, you need to try these three rigs. The sabiki rig, umbrella rig, and drop-shot rig are something every white bass angler should add to their toolbox.

Best White Bass Rigs

Sabiki Rig

The sabiki rig is a great choice when you’re targeting white bass. Sabiki rigs are a string of lures connected together. They are commonly used for catching bait fish, but if you use a heavier line, they can work wonders for white bass. You can troll it, cast it on the surface, or use it when sight fishing. Check out this video to learn how to tie a sabiki rig.

Umbrella Rig

Another great rig to use when going after white bass is the umbrella rig (also known as the Alabama rig). An umbrella rig is essentially a 5 wire multi-lure rig that has 5 lines of hooks and baits attached to it to form the shape of an umbrella. They are incredibly effective, though in some states (like California) having a hook on all 5 wires may be illegal, so make sure to check your state’s laws for guidelines on how many hooks you can actively use. Here is a great video on setting up an umbrella rig.

To catch white bass with an umbrella rig cast it just above them in the water, and keep the rig in motion at all times. You can give it a little pump and jerk the rig slightly to make it more enticing to the hungry fish.

Drop-Shot Rig

If the white bass are holding in deeper waters it can be somewhat of a challenge to catch them. The drop-shot rig is the perfect setup to use during this time. A drop-shot rig is set up with a hook tied to the line using a Palomar knot, and a trailing leader line with a drop weight attached to the end. Since white bass tend to only attack food when it is above them, or the same level as them, the drop-shot rig is perfect for white bass near the bottom, since the bait will float about 2 above the weight. Learn how to set up a drop shot rig here.

To use the drop-shot rig effectively, work it slowly along the bottom. When the white bass bite, you will feel the line get heavy.

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