How to Fish a Crawfish Lure

Bass love to feed on crawfish, which is why crawfish imitating lures are a must-have in every bass anglers toolbox. Some days these will be the most effective lures you can use if they are used right. In this short post, we will cover a few different ways to rig a crawfish lure, and how to fish them for maximum effectiveness.

What is a Crawfish Lure?

Crawfish lures are lures that mimic crawfish, a common forage by bass, and other fish in many areas. They are generally made from plastic and can be rigged and fished a variety of different ways.

How to Rig a Crawfish Lure

Carolina Rig

Crawfish lures are often set up with a Carolina Rig. It’s a simple rig to set up that involves using a weight, followed by a bead, swivel, 12 – 18 inches of leader, and your crawfish lure. A Carolina rig will allow you to slowly work your lure along the bottom, which helps to mimic a crawfish in a natural way.

Punch Rig

Another great option is setting up your crawfish lure with a punch rig. Punch rigs are good for fishing in areas with a lot of vegetation. You have to make sure your crawfish lure has a low profile so it can easily slip through vegetation to attract the hungry bass.

How to use a Crawfish Lure

The best way to fish a crawfish lure is to present it in a way that appears natural. Crawfish generally live on rocks and will stay around them for the most part. Using a Carolina Rig to slowly work your crawfish lure along the rocks can be a good way to make your bait look appealing in the water. Work it slowly, allowing the lure to sit for a while before using any movement.

Crawfish are also known to hang around weeds which is why punching craws can be a good option. Send you craw through the vegetation and it can create a bunch of noise which can trigger a strike from a feisty bass.

A pro tip to consider is that crawfish lures tend to work best in fall and spring. We have most success fishing them on the rocks, working to keep them in contact with the bottom, but you can also fish them a variety of other ways too.

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