Sufix Tritanium Plus Review

When you’re looking for a high performing monofilament line, the Sufix Tritanium Plus might just be what you need. Here we will take a look at the pros and cons of this fishing line and give our review of the Sufix Tritanium Plus. is Reader-supported. When you purchase gear through links on our site, we may earn commissions. 

Sufix Tritanium Plus Fishing Line

Sufix Tritanium plus is an advanced anti-abrasion copolymer monofilament line that is designed for enhanced durability compared to standard fishing lines. It’s known for having high tensile and knot strength and is designed for improved casting range.


The Tritanium Plus is available in:

  • Test Lbs: 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 80, 100
  • Color options include: Chartreuse, Clear, Dark Green
  • Spool sizes: various bulk spools

Our Tritanium Plus Review


This line is made with anti-friction agents which help to improve casting range. Casting distance is one of the strongest points of this line. You can cast a mile from the beach when you need to get over the waves. This is a great line if you’re looking for a long casting range.


This one has a diameter that is pretty standard to most other monofilament options on the market. You can check out the chart below with the break weight and diameter of each test lb.

Sufix 832 Break Strength Chart

Line Memory

For a mono line this one has pretty low memory. You may run into memory problems as you get into the higher test lb options, but this is pretty standard for most lines.

Knot Strength

Knot strength is another area this line really stands out. A well-tied knot with this fishing line will virtually never break. It has high tensile strength and excellent strength for holding your knots together.


The line is designed with an advanced anti-abrasion copolymer formula that makes this one of the toughest fishing lines you are likely to come across. If you’re fishing rough areas or toothy predators, the abrasion-resistance on this will keep you from having to worry about line breaks. This is a very durable line.


For a mono line this one does have pretty good sensitivity. Some anglers even compare it to braided line in terms of its sensitivity.

Color Options


The most popular color is the chartreuse which is a bright neon greenish-yellow color for high visibility. If you’re fishing an area where you need to see your line, this is an excellent choice. Some anglers will tie on a lo-vis leader if they need something a little more subtle in the water.


The clear color is a good all-around option for most fishing situations where you don’t really need to see your line. It will blend it to most waters and can help for line shy fish.

Dark Green

The dark green color is good when you’re fishing murky, stained, or green-tinted waters and you want something to blend in.



  • Long casting distance
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Great knot strength
  • Low memory


  • Only three color options
  • Not widely available (many local shops won’t have it)

Product Features

  • Bulk spools available
  • 3 color options
  • Anti-abrasion copolymer fishing line
  • Monofilament

Product Faq

Is It Good for Saltwater Fishing?

Yes, Sufix Tritanium Plus is good for saltwater fishing. It is one of the most popular lines for surf fishing due to its long casting range.

How Does it Compare to Sufix Superior?

Sufix Tritanium Plus vs Sufix Super Line does have some key differences. For one, tritanium plus casts way further which is why its better to use from the beach. Superior is better for offshore fishing.

How Much Stretch Does It Have?

Compared to other mono lines this one has a comparable stretch. It’s advertised as low stretch, but it has a pretty standard amount.

Where to Buy

Tritanium Plus isn’t common in some bait shops so you may have to buy online if you can’t find it locally:

Final Thoughts

This line is extremely popular among surf fishing enthusiasts and for good reason. It casts a good distance and its very durable and abrasion resistant. These are the two strongest points of this line, and we’re pretty confident that you’ll enjoy it too if you are looking for something with those features.

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