3 Best Rigs for Fishing Perch

When it comes to perch fishing, a good rig can make the difference between a bad fishing day and a good one. Some rigs offer distinct advantages and are better suited for targeting the specific areas perch like to hold in. If you’re going perch fishing, these are the top three rigs you should try.

Top 3 Perch Fishing Rigs

1. Slip Bobber Rig

Slip bobbers are extremely useful when you want to adjust your bait to stay at any depth in the water column. When fishing perch, this comes in handy because oftentimes the fish will hold in different sections near the weeds or drop-offs in the water.

With the slip bobber, you easily adjust your depth until you find the sweet spot. Some anglers will also setup multiple rods targeting different levels to increase their chances of find the perch.

Slip Bobber Rig Diagram

2. Drop Shot Rig

A drop shot rig is essentially a rig with a trailing leader with a weight attached at the end. You can set them up with a variety of weights and lures. It can be used to target perch in both shallow and deep waters. We recommend using live bait on your drop shot rigs when fishing perch.

Perch Dropshot Rig Diagram

3. Lindy Rig

The lindy rig is an underrated rig, especially when it comes to perch fishing. It is best used with live bait like leeches or bloodworms. To really catch fish with this rig, use it in waters less than 30 feet deep when the perch are schooling in the flats. Left the rig slowly drift through the flats and you’ll likely end up getting a few bites.

Lindy Rig Diagram

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