How to Fish a Buzzbait

Buzzbaits are a favorite lure for many anglers fishing bass and other species. If you’re looking to up your buzzbait game, read this and we will teach you all the tips and techniques you need to know when fishing a buzzbait lure.

What is a Buzzbait?

A buzzbait is a topwater lure that has one, two, or three metal blades that rotate as it stays on top of the water. You have to reel it in very fast to keep the buzzbait on top of the water. They are usually used to cover a lot of water and make a lot of noise, which can attract hungry fish.

How to Tie a Buzzbait

When tying your line to a buzzbait, we recommend using a palomar knot. Palomar knots tend to be very strong, while being easy to tie.

Another trick is to add a trailer hook to your lure. Sometimes fish like bass will swim by your bait without actually getting hooked, a trailer hook can increase your success rate, but if the bass are already really aggressive you could hook it too deep and damage the fish.

Another con of trailer hooks is that they are more likely to get stuck on branches and grass, so you need to see if it makes sense for you in the waters you are fishing.

Tips for Fishing a Buzzbait

To properly fish a buzzbait you need to have your rod tip high when the lure is hitting the water. Then start with a fast retrieve. The goal is to keep the lure on top of the water. As your lure gets closer and closer you can start to lower your tip.

You can also try experimenting with your speed when retrieving a buzzbait. This will affect the vibration and sound of the lure and could affect how fish respond to it. Some anglers will also cup the blades of their lure to slow down the bait.

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