How to Make a Tandem Rig

The tandem rig is one of the deadliest rigs to use for targeting flounder. It is incredibly easy to set up and use. This is definitely something you want to time you’re targeting flounder.

What is a Tandem Rig?

A tandem rig is essentially a double hook rig. It works great for fishing in shallow waters less than 30 feet deep. When targeting flounder we like to use bucktail jigs attached to each end.

How to Set Up the Tandem Rig

Here is what you will need:

Fluorocarbon Leader
2 Bucktail Jigs
Three-way Swivel

If you’re afraid of the flounder (or whatever you are targeting) being a little line shy, set this one up with a fluorocarbon leader.

To tie the rig, take two pieces of fluorocarbon line about 2.5 to 3 feet in length each and tie your lures on to one end with a palomar knot, and tie the other ends to each side of your swivel.

Ideally each piece of leader will be a different length. You want one shorter end and one longer end so that one bait can trail on the bottom with the other at a different level in the water column. In total you want about 5 to 6 feet of leader. So for example, one piece of leader can be 2 feet with the other leader being 3 feet.

After your leaders are attached to your swivel, the final end of your swivel should be attached to your main line.

Optionally, if you don’t want to use a three way swivel, you can use one longer piece of leader and tie a loop knot in the middle of the line to attach it to your mainline.

Here is a diagram of how the basic tandem rig will look:

Tandem Rig Diagram

How to Fish the Tandem Rig

The rig works best in shallower waters less than 30 feet deep. You want to work it along the bottom without dragging it. Cast it and let it sink to the bottom, then lift it up about 5 inches and let it sink back down while working it across the area you are fishing.

Flounder tend to feed by sight, so what will happen is that they will see the bottom jig and swim closer to investigate. As soon as they notice the second jig that is higher up, they will attack it. Having two jigs at different levels is what makes this rig so powerful.