Rapala Scatter Rap Review

The Rapala Scatter Rap is a series of crankbaits known for its erratic side to side movements that mimic baitfish to get fish to bite. If you’re thinking of buying this lure—here we will take a look at the good and bad about this lure and give our review on it.

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Rapala Scatter Rap Glass Shad

The scatter rap is a crankbait that first came on the scene in 2013. The original model made a splash with anglers when it first came out. It proved to be very effective for catching a wide variety of fish.





The Scatter Rap is now available in 8 different models which include:

  • Scatter Rap Minnow
  • Scatter Rap Jointed
  • Scatter Rap Deep Husky Jerk
  • Scatter Rap Tail Dancer
  • Scatter Rap Glass Shad
  • Scatter Rap Crank
  • Scatter Rap Countdown
  • Scatter Rap Shad

Our Rapala Scatter Rap Review

When baitfish are chased by predator fish, they tend to scatter with an erratic movement. This erratic motion is what the Rapala Scatter Rap perfectly mimics with its swimming action to get the fish to bite.

The action is really what sets this lure apart from your standard lure. It really does catch fish, which is why there are so widely regarded in the fishing world.

It’s designed to be cast or trolled, and you can use it to catch fish almost anywhere.

The lure is made from a balsa body with sharp VMC hooks. With 8 different models to choose from, each model has a different profile and has a different running depth. Most Scatter Rap models have a 6′ to 9′ running depth but the Glass Shad has running depth of 10′ to 14′ and the Tail Dancer model 11′ to 19′.

Each model has over 10 color options to choose from so you can find something that will work in any waters. Overall this is a really great lure that deserves its spot in your tackle box.



  • Very effective side to side wobble action
  • 8 different models to choose from
  • Tons of color options
  • Sharp VMC hooks
  • Easy to cast long distances
  • Some models have internal rattles to help attract fish


  • The lures are a little bit light
  • You may want to swap out the hooks depending on what you are fishing

Product Features

  • VMC hooks
  • Dimensions – depends on the model (can range from 2″ to 4 3/8″)
  • Weight also depends on the model some are 3/16 ounce, heavier ones are 3/8 ounce.
  • Constructed from Balsa
  • Some models have a scatter lip wire construction
  • Some models have an internal rattle

Product Faq

What is the Best Color?

With a huge selection of color options to choose from, the best color Scatter Rap ultimately depends on what and where you are fishing. Try to choose a color that matches what they are already eating in the water you are fishing and you will have success.

What Fish Do They Catch

The scatter rap can catch a wide variety of fish ranging from largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, salmon, muskie, pike, catfish, trout, and more. With a huge variety of sizes and running depths available you can catch almost any fish if you use the lure right.

How To Fish The Scatter Rap

The Scatter Rap is a crankbait that can be cast or trolled effectively. Use it with a medium action rod (either casting or spinning can be used).

The trick to using a scatter rap for casting is all in the turn of the reel. Speed up your retrieve to get a fast side to side action or slow it down for a more subtle left to right motion. It’s a pretty simple cast and retrieve crankbait that is very easy to use for beginners.

The best speed to troll a scatter rap tends to be 1 mph to 3mph. You need your boat to go fast enough to get a good action but you don’t want to go too fast. Around 2 mph tends to be where we do most of our trolling. Using a sufix or fluorocarbon tipped line for trolling is a good idea.

Where to Buy

You can buy the scatter rap at many online retailers such as:

Final Thoughts

This is an extremely well-made crankbait with a great action that makes it very effective for catching fish. It’s incredibly easy to use—just cast it and crank it back. They also have a ton of different models with different running depths and profiles which makes this a lure every angler should carry in their tackle box.

If you’re interested in more Rapala lures and bait options check out our Shadow Rap Review.