Rapala Shadow Rap Review

If you’re searching for a new jerkbait to add to your lure collection you may have come across the Rapala Shadow Rap. Here we will cover everything you need to know about this lure and give you our review on it.

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Rapala Shadow Rap Shad Lure

The original shadow rap came out in 2014 and took the fishing world by storm with its unique jerkbait profile. High-quality jerkbaits tend to have a small action on the pause that drives fish to strike, which is exactly why this one is so effective.




Since it’s original release in 2014 they have since come out with a huge selection of models: Shadow Rap, Shadow Rap Deep, Shadow Rap Shad, Shadow Rap Shad Deep, and the Super Shadow Rap.

Our Rapala Shadow Rap Review

This lure has the darting action that you expect from a good jerkbait but with the added little jerk on pauses that really gets the fish biting. They also slowly rise when paused and have a small rotation. The lure is made to mimic a dying minnow or shad with its quivering motions. Which is why fish love to attack these little lures.

We really like that they have so many models to choose from depending on what and where you are fishing. The shallow model is designed to run at about 3-4 feet deep while the deeper model runs at about 5-6 feet deep.

They have an endless amount of color options depending on your needs but some of the best are the classic colors like shad and silver.



  • Multiple models to choose from
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy to use
  • Realistic textured body
  • Great action
  • Slow rise after pause
  • The lure kicks right to left so you stay in the strike zone


  • Can be somewhat expensive for a lure
  • You may want to change out the hardware and hooks depending on the fish you are catching

Product Features

  • VMC hooks
  • Dimensions – 3.5 – 6.33 inches in length depending on the model you choose (the original shadow rap measures 4 3/8″)
  • Textured scale body
  • 5 models to choose from
  • Running depths from 2 feet to 8 feet deep (depending on the model)
  • The original model features a size 6 hook and weighs 7/16 ounces

Product Faq

What is the Best Color?

The best color Rapala shadow rap depends on what you are fishing. The often overstated term “match the hatch” is relevant here. You want to match your Shadow Rap to the color of the forage the fish you are targeting is feeding on. The shad and silver colors tend to be our favorite, but we also like to carry a few different colors so we can easily swap out if one isn’t working.

What Fish Do They Catch

The shadow rap can catch a wide variety of fish ranging from largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, walleye, muskie, pike, catfish, trout, and much more.

Can You Use Them in Saltwater?

It is designed for freshwater use but many anglers absolutely use it successfully in saltwater too. Just take extra care to dry if off after use and consider swapping out the hooks and hardware to something saltwater grade.

How To Fish The Shadow Rap

The shadow rap is a versatile lure that can be fished in many different ways. You can use a slow retrieve, fast retrieve, use erratic pauses, and long pauses. Almost any kind of tempo can work when using this lure. Some anglers also troll it with success. The key with this lure is that less is more. You want to let the action of the lure do most of the work which happens on the pause.

Where to Buy

You can shop for the shadow rap at many online retailers such as:

Final Thoughts

This lure catches fish—plain and simple. It’s easy to work because you mostly let the jerkbait work itself, which is why we highly recommend it. The only real drawback is that it is a little more expensive than other lures, but it’s not going to break the bank either way.

It’s a great product from a great brand. You definitely won’t regret casting this bait into the water. If you’re interested in more option from this brand check out our Rapala Scatter Rap Review.