Taking Kids Fishing


Taking your child fishing for the first time can result in great memories for both kids and parents alike. The excitement of getting out on the water and catching fish along with spending time outdoors with your loved ones can be an extremely enjoyable experience. Here we will cover a few things you will want … Read more

5 Reasons to Date a Girl Who Fishes

5 Reasons To Date A Girl Who Fishes

Fishing is a fun hobby that not many people have the patience for. Girls who fish have a number of good qualities that make for a good partner. Girls who fish are patient They know how to cook They can find the silver lining Not afraid to get dirty Are eager to learn and grow … Read more

Most Sensitive Fishing Rods

Sensitive Fishing Rods

There are times when having a sensitive fishing rod is extremely important. Having a sensitive rod not only allows you to feel light bites from smaller fish, but it also can allow you to work your lure better and keep in contact with the bottom. A sensitive fishing rod is a must-have for many fishing … Read more

Best Spey Rod for Steelhead

Steelhead Spey Rods

If you’re fishing steelhead trout you may want to use a Spey rod. Spey rods are extremely useful when fishing large rivers where you need to make double handed casts with large flies. Here we will take a look at some of the best Spey rods for fishing steelhead trout. Best Steelhead Spey Rod Redington … Read more

Best Switch Rod for Steelhead

Steelhead Switch Fly Rod

Switch rods are versatile fly rods that can be used single-handed and for spey style casting They are often the rod of choice for fishing larger trout like steelhead because they can be fished a variety of ways. Whether you are swinging flies or indicator fishing, a good switch rod can help you catch more … Read more

Redington Zero Review

Redington Zero Review

The Redington Zero Fly Reel is one of the better fly reels available at a decent value that won’t end up breaking the bank. Here we will take a look at the features of this fly reel and highlight the good things and bad things about it to help you make an informed decision. The … Read more

Best Ultralight Spinning Reel

Ultralight Spinning Reels

Lightweight fishing reels are a great option when you’re going to be on the water a long time to help you avoid fatigue. They are also excellent for targeting smaller fish, and for kids who may not yet have the strength to hold heavier gear for long periods of time. If you’re looking for the … Read more

Best Saltwater Tackle Box

Saltwater Tackle Boxes

The box you store your fishing gear in is an important part of fishing, especially when you’re targeting saltwater fish. You need something heavy-duty that can store your gear and has larger compartments for large saltwater fish. Here are some of the best tackle boxes for saltwater fishing. Best Saltwater Tackle Boxes KastKing Tackle Boxes, … Read more

Best Catfish Rod

Catfish Fishing Rods

If you’re targeting catfish you need a heavy-duty rod that can not only handle the abuse that comes with fighting large trophy fish but also has good control to finesse fish smaller catfish as well.  Having the proper gear is extremely important if you want to catch more fish. Here we will take a look … Read more

Best Smallmouth Bass Lures

Smallmouth Bass Lures

When targeting smallmouth bass, some lures are simply better than others. A lot of times you can use the same lures you use for largemouth. However, smallmouth tend to prefer areas with rocky or sand bottoms and clear water. Choosing the right lure for the fishing conditions will greatly improve your catch rate. Here we … Read more