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Best Fishing Flip-Flops

Fishing Flip Flops Guide

When fishing you’re going to be spending a lot of time standing. Which is why good footwear is essential to staying comfortable. Flip flops are a favorite of many fishermen, due to their comfort, ease of wearing, and the fact that they allow your foot to breathe in the heat. Here will take a look … Read more

Best Fishing Pliers Sheath

fishing pliers sheath shopping

A fishing pliers sheath is a great way to keep your handy tool on you when you’re out fishing. Fishing pliers are a must-have piece of equipment, and having it holstered in a sheath makes it easy to reach for when you need it. Best Fishing Pliers Sheath Booms Fishing P02 Fishing Pliers Fish Gripper … Read more

Best Fishing Pliers Under $50

Best Value Fishing Pliers Guide

When going fishing, fishing pliers are an extremely important tool. You’ve probably been fishing before where you needed to cut hook, line, or get hooks out of a fish. This is why a good pair of pliers is an essential piece of equipment. Best Fishing Pliers for the Money Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers Hook Remover … Read more

Best Kayak Paddle Grips

kayak paddle grips top rated

When you’re paddling in the summer heat kayak paddle grips come in handy. If you paddle with gloves, you will start to swat and this will leave your hands uncomfortable. Kayaking with paddle grips allows your hands to breathe while staying comfortable paddling bare hands. Here we will take a look at some of the … Read more

Cheap Kayak Paddles

Cheap Kayak Paddle Buying Guide

When it comes to a quality set of kayak paddles, you can find a good deal without paying the price tag of high-end paddles. If you’re bargain shopping for a good affordable set of paddles you will most likely be looking at plastic or aluminum paddles. Here we will review some of the best deals … Read more

Best Leggings for Hiking

Hiking Leggings Buying Guide

Many adventurers and outdoor lovers prefer hiking in leggings due to their comfort, breathability, and insulation factor. A good pair of leggings are flexible, unrestricted and allow you free movement while protecting you from the elements. Here we will take a look at some of our top picks for hiking leggings. Best Hiking Leggings Under … Read more

Best Floating Cooler for the River

Floating Cooler Buying Guide

If you’re going out on the river for multiple hours on a hot summer day, a floating cooler might be the perfect choice for you to hold drinks and snacks. Inflatable floating coolers can also come in handy in the pool, lake, ocean, or during other water activities. Here we will take a look at … Read more

Best Inner Tube for River Floating

inflatable tube for river floating

Floating down the river on an inner tube during a hot day is a great way to relax. Getting together with your family and friends to spend the day on the river is always an enjoyable activity. If you’re shopping for an inflatable tube that is comfortable and durable read this guide to choose the … Read more

Best Sunglasses for White Water Rafting

River Sunglasses Guide

If you’re going river rafting, kayaking, or canoeing on a sunny day a good pair of sunglasses is a must-have piece of equipment. You don’t want to be stuck with the sun in your face all day making you uncomfortable. That is why we always recommend proper eyewear for sunny weather. Here we will take … Read more

Best PFD for White Water Rafting

river rafting pfd life vest guide

When you’re going river rafting (or kayaking) a good personal flotation device is a must-have. Even when the weather is perfect and you’re going kayaking on a lake, you will still want a PFD. You especially need it when rafting or kayaking on a river. Here we will review our picks for the best personal … Read more