World Record Bluegill

Bluegills are one of the most popular freshwater fish in North America. These sunfish reside in lakes, rivers, ponds, and creeks around the country.

If you’re going fishing for these panfish you may be wondering what the record is for the largest bluegill ever caught. Here we will take a look at a few state records to find the biggest that was ever caught.

Top 10 Largest Bluegill Ever Caught

Alabama 4 lbs 12 oz Ketona Lakes by Birmingham T.S. Hudson 4/9/1950
North Carolina 4 lbs 5 oz N/A Danny Case 7/27/1967
Kentucky 4 lbs 3 oz Strip mine lake Phil Conyers 8/5/1980
Arizona 3 lbs 15.68 oz Goldwater Lake Christopher Ray Mapes 5/2/2004
California 3 lbs 14 oz Rancho Murieta Reservoir Michael Holoubek 6/22/2008
Idaho 3 lbs 8 oz C.J. Strike Reservoir Darrell Grim 5/19/1905
Illinois 3 lbs 8 oz private pond Darren May 5/10/1987
Mississippi 3 lbs 7.2 oz private pond Gerald E. Thurmond 2/2/1995
Maryland 3 lbs 7 oz Deep Creek Lake Sarah Brenneman 8/9/1998
Georgia 3 lbs 5 oz Shamrock Lake P. F. Gumm 7/3/1977

Those are the 10 biggest. If you want to see the records in every state check out this resource.