Carolina Rig for Redfish

The Carolina rig is a tried and true bait rig that can work great whether you are fishing natural bait or artificial lures. It’s a pretty simple setup that is popular for inshore fishing species such as redfish. If you’re new to Carolina rigs, in this short post we will cover how to set up a Carolina rig for redfish, and how to fish them properly to catch more fish.

How to Make a Carolina Rig for Saltwater Fishing

Thread the line through the hole in an egg sinker
Tie a swivel to the line
Tie 6” to 12” of leader to the swivel
Attach your hook or lure to the end of your leader

It is best to use egg sinkers around 3 to 4 ounces. If you need to use a heavier weight you can remove the egg sinker and use a fishfinder slide and clip a heavier weight on. It might be best to use a small bead between the swivel and weight to prevent snagging. Here is an excellent video detailing the instructions on how to make a Carolina rig for saltwater.

How to Fish a Carolina Rig for Redfish

If you’re trying to catch redfish with a Carolina rig, the first thing you need to understand is how redfish hunt for food. Redfish tend to swim around in search of food, so your best bet is to place your rig in the water and let the redfish come to it. Cast it around structure and keep it still and if redfish are nearby they are likely to attack your rig. We always recommend live bait for your Carolina rigs, but that’s not to say a good artificial lure can’t work too.

If you’re not getting bites after about 15 minutes, it may be best to move to a different section of water and try your luck there. Some anglers will also have multiple rods and cast multiple Carolina rigs around structure when fishing for redfish. This can be a good option if you really want to increase your success rate.

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