Split Shot Rig for Trout

The split shot rig is a simple rig that every serious angler should carry in the arsenal, especially when it comes to fishing for trout. If you’ve never used a split shot rig before, here we will tell you how to set up a split shot rig, and how to fish it to catch more trout. Whether you are fishing rainbow trout, brook trout, or other species, you need to try this rig.

What is a Split Shot Rig

A split shot rig is a basic rig that is somewhat similar to the Carolina rig. It works great in waters under 20 feet deep.

How to Setup a Split Shot Rig

To set up your split shot rig, first, attach your fishing hook to the end of your fishing line by using a strong knot like the Palomar knot. A size 8 hook is a good choice because trout tend to have smaller mouths.

After your hook is tied, then, about 4-6 inches above the hook, insert a split shot with one end of the line and feed it throughout the other.

Finally, attach a bobber or float to the very end of this line. You can then attach a worm to your hook and you are ready to start catching trout (or other species)

Split Shot Trout Rig Chart

How to Use a Split Shot Rig for Trout Fishing

Using a split shot rig is pretty simple. Cast your bait and wait a few seconds for the lure to begin sinking. After the cast, simply begin retrieving it. When you feel the line start to tighten, remove the slack in the line to set your hook.

Overall the split shot rig is a fairly simple rig to set up and use that works great for trout, bass, walleye, and a variety of other species. Every angler should learn the split shot rig at some point.

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