Carrot Stix Review

Carrot Stix fishing rods are still relatively new to the fishing world, with the first one introduced in 2007. Nowadays Carrot Stix has a full line of fishing rods made from nano cellulose bio fibers which are designed to make the rod tighter and more responsive than your typical fishing rod. If you’re wondering how Carrot Stix rods perform, here we will review Carrot Stix brand fishing rods.

Types of Carrot Stix Rods

Carrot Stix now offers a wide range of fishing rods across nearly every category. They now have a good selection of spinning rods, casting rods, and inshore or offshore rods.

Rod Review

Carrot Stix have historically been looked at pretty negatively by the angler community due to breakage issues that many have had with them. Some anglers have had issues with the product in the past, and the negative name still follows the brand to this day. However, the quality of their newer poles has dramatically improved to reduce the breakage issues that have plagued the brand name in the past. The breaks of Carrot Stix rods often came because the guides were wrapped too tightly, but the newer rods have a slightly different build design to reduce the issue.

The rod I ended up buying was their 6′ Spinning Rod

The rod itself is incredibly light and sensitive, which may be due to the nano-bio fibers (Whatever that actually means). They are truly great for picking up light bites for fish that have sensitive bites. The rod feels pretty well balanced too. The only drawback I found was that some of the guides tend to bend (which might be why they had breakage problems in the past.

Overall it is a pretty well-made rod. I wouldn’t use it for heavier species, but if you’re fishing smaller fish, Carrot Stix rods are pretty nice.