Best PFD for Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddle Board PFD

A personal flotation device in an important piece of equipment to have when you are paddle boarding. Even if you are an excellent swimmer you will want a good life jacket just in case of an emergency. In many places PFDs are considered water vessels and it is required by law to wear a life … Read more

Best Backpacking Knife

Backpacking Knife Buying Guide

When you’re going hiking or backpacking you need to travel light. That means everything that you bring has to matter. A good backpacking knife is an essential piece of equipment then you need on any hiking, camping, fishing, or hunting trip. You need a good knife that is durable and will get the job done. … Read more

Best Fishing Multi Tool

Fishing Multi-Tool Reviews

When fishing you know how handy a good multi-tool can be. Carrying one in your pocket at all times can allow you easily cut line, remove hooks, open split rings, tune lures and much more. Every fisher from beginner to expert can benefit from a quality fishing multi-tool. Best Multi-Tool for Fishing Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier … Read more

Best Kayak Fishing Net

kayak fishing net guide

Fishing with a kayak net is no easy feat. A good net will definitely make it easier though. With a good net you have more control of your rod to catch fish with ease. Here we will take a look at our picks for the best kayak fishing nets. Best Net for Kayak Fishing PLUSINNO … Read more

Intex River Run 1 Review

intex float tube review

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge The Intex River Run I Sport Lounge is an inflatable water float that is perfect for river and lake trips. It has a modern, well-thought-out design that incorporates safety and maximum functionality in the float. The tube is made of vinyl and the body is sturdy enough to withstand … Read more

Intex Mega Chill 2 Review

intex floating pool river cooler review

Imagine this, you are in the pool fully absorbing the sunlight when suddenly you feel parched. It seems like a tedious task to leave your perfectly relaxing spot just to go in the house and grab a drink, and all you want is someone to serve you drinks in the middle of the water. And … Read more

Best PFD Knife

best life vest knife

If you’re going kayaking, boating or white water rafting on the river, a good PFD knife will come in handy. There are a few different options you might consider such as dive knives or rescue knives. Here we will take a look at some of our top recommendations for a PFD knife that you can … Read more

Best Fishing Flip-Flops

Fishing Flip Flops Guide

When fishing you’re going to be spending a lot of time standing. Which is why good footwear is essential to staying comfortable. Flip flops are a favorite of many fishermen, due to their comfort, ease of wearing, and the fact that they allow your foot to breathe in the heat. Here will take a look … Read more

Best Fishing Pliers Sheath

fishing pliers sheath shopping

A fishing pliers sheath is a great way to keep your handy tool on you when you’re out fishing. Fishing pliers are a must-have piece of equipment, and having it holstered in a sheath makes it easy to reach for when you need it. Best Fishing Pliers Sheath Booms Fishing P02 Fishing Pliers Fish Gripper … Read more

Best Fishing Pliers Under $50

Best Value Fishing Pliers Guide

When going fishing, fishing pliers are an extremely important tool. You’ve probably been fishing before where you needed to cut hook, line, or get hooks out of a fish. This is why a good pair of pliers is an essential piece of equipment. Best Fishing Pliers for the Money Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers Hook Remover … Read more