Catching Redfish in Venice, Louisiana

Redfish are abundant throughout the Louisiana Coast. Some even consider Venice the redfish capital of the world. If you’re targeting Redfish in the Louisiana coastal waters, read these tips.

  1. Fish Brackish Waters the marsh waters and brackish waters throughout Venice are a thriving environment for fish. The plentiful baitfish in the area are known to attract giant redfish that can weigh upwards of 25 lbs.
  2. Try Artificials live bait definitely works, but if you’re after bull reds, a good artificial lure can be best. Topwaters, jerkbaits, spoons, soft plastics, and shrimp lures can all be used effectively.
  3. Find the Baitfish redfish can be found almost anywhere throughout the brackish waters. The key to finding them is to find their food. Areas with a lot of smaller baitfish are always likely to hold larger predators.
  4. Fish Structure the next important thing to look for when targeting redfish is any structure where they can hide. Rocks, jetties, roots, or grassy flats are good spots.
  5. Light Gear if you’re fishing with artificial lures in the brackish areas, lighter lines and faster action rods will give you the best performance with your lures. If you’re using live bait, you can use heavier gear.


Follow these simple tips and you are sure to catch more redfish. Venice, Louisiana is home to some of the world’s best redfish action, but you can also go offshore fishing and catch a variety of other species here too. Don’t be afraid to go after other species too. If you’re interested in going offshore to catch giant fish, hiring an offshore fishing charter can be a great idea.