Middle Fork American River

middle-fork-american-riverThe Middle Fork American River is a gem among California rivers. Its tributaries, the Rubicon and the North Fork of the Middle Fork, are frequented by kayakers in search of adrenalin in the high Sierras. On their way to the Middle Fork put-in, rafters can get a couple glimpses of these creeks. But it is the appearance of the Middle Fork‘s majestic canyon that captures their attention. The slow, winding Mosquito Ridge Road, high above the river, provides a couple look-outs over Tunnel Chute and Kanaka rapids. From these vantage points Whitewater Connection van drivers provide back-up safety for our rafting trips. Armed with radios and binoculars, like guardian angels from above, they monitor the rafts as they successfully descend each of these big rapids.

Rafting on the Middle Fork American River isn’t just about the whitewater. It’s about the whole day experience, the canyons, the scenery, the tributaries and small creeks joining the river. It’s about sharing with other people in the raft, learning from the guide. It’s about doing something challenging but fun with others, and growing from that experience.