Trout Fishing Tips

How To Catch Trout

Trout is one of the most popular game fish in North America. They are abundant in many cold water areas fed by the pacific ocean. The most common of all is the rainbow trout, but you will also find brown, golden, brook, and marble trout (though there are over 50 types of trout worldwide). If you’re a beginner looking to up your trout fishing game, or a master trying to refresh his or her knowledge, this guide will cover the basics of trout fishing. 

Where To Find Trout

Trout are most commonly found in cold moving water like rivers and creeks. They are also very common in many lakes and ponds. You can also find large trout deep in some of the great lakes. 

Lakes and Ponds

In still waters like lakes and ponds, you will have success finding trout as they come out for food. Trout prefer to stay near cover to protect themselves from predators so look near aquatic vegetation, rocks, logs, or other structure.

Rivers and Streams

In moving waters trout like to let the water bring the food to them. You will most often find them in one spot, waiting for a food source to drift towards them. Look for places they can rest from the current such as behind rocks or other structure, or in deep sections of the river or stream where the current might not be as strong.

Best Seasons for Trout Fishing

In lakes, rivers, and streams spring and fall can present some of the best opportunities for trout fishing. When the water is cooler during this period of time, the trout are more active. 

In the summer when the water is warmer, look for trout in cooler deeper waters of the lake (or cool high elevation areas).

Winter can also be a good time for trout fishing if you don’t mind the cold. 

Trout Rig Setup

There are many different ways to set up a trout rig. If you already have a favorite setup, then you can ignore this part. If you are new to fishing these are the basics you might want:

Fish Rod and Reel
Fishing Line

For the hooks usually size 4-12 will work best for trout.

Best Bait and Lures for Trout Fishing

Live Bait

Using live bait is one of the most effective methods for catching trout. You will have the most success using what the local fish are actually eating. If you’re unsure of what the local trout are feeding on in your area, it may be best to bring a few different live baits and see what works best. You will most commonly have success with minnows, nightcrawlers, crickets, and mayflies. 

Most Common Lures for Fishing Trout

You will have the most success if you use a lure that imitates what trout are eating. To up your success rate, try to carry each lure in your tackle box so you can adjust as needed. For trout fishing, we recommend critters, tubes, swimbaits, cranks, salmon eggs, worm imitators, spoons, spinners, or power bait. You will have varying success rates with each type of lure depending on the trout in the area, so it’s best to experiment with what works best in the area. 

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