Henrys Lake Fishing Guide

Henrys Lake is a gorgeous high altitude lake located in Fremont County, Idaho, United States. The lake is roughly 6472 feet above sea level and features 8 square miles of area. Henrys Lake is prized for its beautiful scenery and great fishing opportunities. The water in the lake is nutrient-rich, which creates the perfect environment for fish to grow large.

Here we will take a look at some of the best fishing spots on the lake, the types of fish you can catch here, and give you some additional tips to make the most of your trip to this destination.

Henrys Lake Fish Species

Henrys lake is most famous for its large trout. Cutthroat trout, brook trout, and cutbow trout (a cutthroat and rainbow hybrid) are the most popular game fish here. They can average around 18 inches in length, but you can also catch even larger fish.

Henrys Lake

Best Spots to Fish Henrys Lake

You can have success fishing most sections of the lake but some spots are going to be better than others. Generally, you need to locate the food source and the structure where the trout will be hunting their food.

The best spots to fish the lake will depend on the season and temperature changes throughout the lake.

In spring when the lake opens for fishing, the trout tend to stay near the shorelines. The north, east, and west shorelines have a good amount of structure and are usually teeming with food sources, which makes them ideal spots to fish for trout.

As the water heats up in the summertime, the trout will start to move to different sections of the lake. Most fish can be caught in areas around 6’ to 15’ deep.

Fall is the spawning season for brook trout. Fish for them near stream mouths in September and October months where they tend to group together for the spawning season.

You can also ice fish at Henry’s lake though the season is relatively short. Look for the fish near weeds and the mouths of creeks. The southeast corner and northwest corner of the lake are great places to ice fish earlier in the season.

Best Time to Fish

The best time to fish henrys lake is typically early mornings. Though you can catch fish just fine any time of day, early morning tends to be best because it is when the fish are most actively feeding.

Gear Recommendations

6 to 7 weight fly rods around 9’ long are ideal. Though spinning rods and reels work well for fishing most areas of the lake too.

Fishing Regulations

If you’re going to be fishing Henrys lake, be sure to check the Idaho Department of Fish and Game fishing regulations.