Best Halibut Lures

Halibut are known to fight hard, and catching them can be no easy task, especially for beginners. One thing that will help you greatly when fishing for halibut is a good lure. Here we will take a look at some of the best lures you should be using if you want to catch halibut.

Best Lures for Halibut Fishing



10" Sanddab Lingcod Jigs Rig Fishing Lure
Lighthouse Lures Mega Bite Swim Bait Jigs
Flat Fall Jigs Slow Vertical Irons Fast Ocean Lures
Jonson Lure Mega Bite Jigs Deep Drop Jigs
6" Sanddab Lingcod Jigs Rig Fishing Lure
Dr.Fish Deep Drop LED Fishing Light Squid Lures

1. 10″ Sanddab Lingcod Jigs Rig Fishing Lure


Product Features

Brand Name: Real Fish
Type: Swimbait
Color: Green, White, Assorted Packs
Size: 10″
Quantity of Lures: 3 Pack or 1 Lure Pack

The best lure for halibut fishing is the Real Fish 10″ Sanddab Lure. If you really want to catch fish, you need to use a lure that resembles what they already eating, that’s where this huge 10″ sanddab lure comes in.

The lure is made from soft plastic and has smooth skin that will allow the fish to sinks its teeth into the soft lure flesh and holder your bait.

To attract your target fish it has a lifelike swimming action with its elongated tail that really drives the fish to strike.

How to Fish It

This versatile lure can be cast, jigged, or trolled to catch fish. We recommend first trying to slow troll it over mud and sand flats. This usually gets action if the halibut are in the area.

You can also try jigging it near the bottom. If you’re going to jig this lure you need to aim to get it 2′ to 3′ from the bottom. If you’re fishing sandy areas you can bounce your lure by raising and lowering your rod. But if you’re fishing Alaska halibut in rocky areas you want to stay just off the ground or you will get snagged.

  • Lifelike swimming tail
  • Soft body allows fish to firmly bite into it for a good hold
  • Resembles halibut forage
  • You may prefer a different style of lure

2. Lighthouse Lures Mega Bite Swim Bait Jigs

Product Features

Brand Name: Lighthouse Lures
Type: Swim Tail Jig
Color: Six Color Options
Size: Multiple Size Options
Quantity of Lures: One Head, Three Tails

The number two spot on the list goes to the Lighthouse Lures Mega Bite Swim Tail Jigs. These saltwater friendly lures are 14 oz and measure 9″ long.

They have lifelike swimming action with reinforced tails that make the lures incredibly durable when battling a heavy fish.

They are made for fishing deep and sink quickly to get you to the level of the fish. Which makes these excellent for fishing halibut.

How to Fish It

Again these are best fished along the bottom. If you’re catching California halibut you can toss these from shore or from piers to the area where the fish are.

After you cast them, let them sink. As soon as you feel the bottom, reel in a few turns. Let it sink and then pause for a few seconds before reeling in again and then start the process over. You want to keep it within roughly 3′ feet of the bottom at all times to get the most action.

You can also twitch your rod when working this one along the bottom to simulate a dying baitfish which may help you get more strikes.

  • Reinforced tail is great for large fish
  • Fast sinking lure
  • 3 lure tails included per pack
  • Somewhat expensive compared to other lures

3. Flat Fall Jigs Slow Vertical Irons Fast Ocean Lures


Product Features

Brand Name: Reeldiculous
Type: Flat Fall Jig
Color: Nine Color Options
Size: 2.6 oz – 12.3 oz
Quantity of Lures: 1 Lure

The Reeldiculous Flat Fall Jig is our third choice. This extremely tough jig is made from a carbon steel hook with a kevlar cord and stainless steel.

Each jig is painted with a multicolored appearance that is designed to appeal to fish in a variety of situations.

Drop this into the strike zone where the halibut are holding and reel it back up to mimic a smaller baitfish and you’ll very likely get a little action.

How to Fish It

These are flat fall jigs that are made to be dropped down to the bottom and then reeled back up. Reel them up about 30′ and then drop them back down to the bottom. If there’s any halibut in the area these jigs give the appears of a struggling baitfish so they’re sure to go after your lure.

  • Multiple size options for targeting different depths
  • Lifelike fish-attracting color patterns
  • Extremely durable
  • Some anglers prefer other kinds of lures over flat fall jigs

4. Jonson Lure Mega Bite Jigs Deep Drop Jigs


Product Features

Brand Name: Johnson Lure
Type: Deep Drop Jig
Color: Six Color Options
Size: 14 or 20 Ounce
Quantity of Lures: 1 Lure

The Johnson Lure Mega Bite Deep Drop Jig is another great lure for when you need to go deep for saltwater fish.

This one glows in the dark to attract fish and low depths and features a sharp treble hook to firmly hold your fish when you do set it.

The lure is available in weight options of 14 ounces or 20 ounces, both of which are great for jigging fish near the bottom.

How to Fish It

This jigging lure is made to be fished in deep waters. But first, you need to find the spot you will be fishing at. Look for halibut over gravel banks, mud, or sand.

After you’ve located where you will be fishing, drop this lure down to their level. The key to this lure is to jig it so that it appears alive to the fish.

Your jigging motion combined with the glow in the dark lure should be irresistible to any halibut as you work it along the bottom.

  • Great for fishing deep
  • Glow in the dark attracts fish in low light conditions
  • Sharp treble hook firmly snags fish
  • Some have had issues with the eyes being poorly put together on these lures

5. 6″ Sanddab Lingcod Jigs Rig Fishing Lure


Product Features

Brand Name: Real Fish
Type: Swim Bait
Color: White or Sole
Size: 6″
Quantity of Lures: 1 Lure

The next spot on our list is the Real Fish 6″ Sanddab Lure. This one is very similar to the 10″ model we previously covered.

It is made to mimic sanddab and appear like a real baitfish. The soft skin is great because the fish will bite into and hold it because it feels real.

The tail has a lifelike action and the lure is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. If the 10″ version doesn’t get much action for you, this 6″ option may be the answer.

How to Fish It

We like these smaller 6″ soft plastic lures for surf fishing halibut around so cal.

To use this one cast it from the beach until the lure just touches the bottom. Reel it in a few reels while giving your rod some erratic motion to make this one appear lifelike as you continue working it along the bottom.

You can also try trolling this one or jigging it if you want to switch things up.

  • Lifelike feel
  • Tail has a fish-attracting swim action
  • Very similar to the 10″ model we covered earlier

6. Dr.Fish Deep Drop LED Fishing Light Squid Lures


Product Features

Brand Name: Dr. Fish
Type: Squid Lure
Color: Red, White, Blue, or Green
Size: 6″
Quantity of Lures: 1 Pack – 5 Packs

Glowing squid lures have been making their way around saltwater fishing enthusiast for a while now. The Dr. Fish Offshore Squid Lure is one such lure that works well for halibut.

The lures themselves are made from vinyl which gives them the strength to handle a thrashing from big fish. They are made to appear lifelike with a realistic skirt that swims through the water as you work your lure.

To top it all off the lure has an LED light and is glow in the dark, which helps the fish see your lure when your fishing in the deep.

Overall this is a fun lure to work with, but it appears to be hit or miss for many anglers.

How to Fish It

This lure works better in the deep waters where light is limited. The key to working it is getting the skirt to pulsate with gentle tugs of your rod. It’s pretty simple to use. You can try trollling it or jigging it to see what works in the water you are fishing.

  • Realistic skirt
  • Glow in the dark with a built-in light
  • Some anglers have trouble catching fish with it

Halibut Lures Buying Guide

If you’re searching for the perfect lure to help you catch more halibut, there are few different things you need to consider:

  1. Type of Lure
  2. Weight
  3. Color

Type of Lure

Halibut can be caught on a variety of lures such as swim tails, swimbaits, squid, soft plastics, or jigs. Some of the most common lures are flat fall and deep drop jigs. Since halibut tend to stay near the bottom around rock piles, and kind of bottom fishing jig makes for a good choice.


Like we mentioned earlier, halibut like to stay near the bottom. So you have to make sure the weight on your lure is heavy enough to get you deep. Most halibut lures you come across will be significantly heavier than your average lures, and that is because they are made to reach the deep.


Choosing the right colors can also be an important factor in how effective your lure is. White colors tend to be great, as are green colors. Anything with any kind of glow or ultraviolet to it is for sure a good option.

Best Halibut Bait

Artificial lures generally work well for fishing halibut, but you might also want to carry some bait with you to have something to fall back on if your lures aren’t getting the action you want. Here are some of the best bait options.

Salmon Bellies

Salmon bellies are the best halibut bait. The smell of these makes halibut go wild. Whenever you catch salmon try saving the guts to use later for halibut. You can also use the heads, but the bellies work best.

After you’ve trimmed off your belly use a circle hook to pierce into the skin side. The skin is extremely tough so these will stay on your hook as you fish them.


Octopus is another great option, which like salmon bellies has a tough texture that will stay on your hook. If your closest bait shop sells octopus tentacles then definitely give them a shot. Don’t use anything longer than 8 to 10 inches though or you may not get any bites.


Using herring as halibut bait also works well. But herring does have some drawbacks. It is a lot softer than salmon and octopus, so it is much more likely to fall off the hook. Still, it is an effective bait and also works well for tipping your jigs.

Bait Rigs

Using the correct bait is only half the battle. You also need a good bait rig if you want to get the most out of your fishing trip. The two most commonly used bait rigs for halibut are Carolina rigs and sliding-sinker rigs. Both should be used with a 15 to 25-pound fluorocarbon leader.

The key to using a bait rig is to set it up so that the halibut can swim away with the bait without feeling any weight. This gives the fish the chance to fully bite your bait before you set your hook.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re jigging deep waters, surf fishing, or trolling for halibut, a well-placed lure that is worked properly can be deadly if you’re fishing the right spots. But you don’t want to dismiss a properly tied bait rig either. Whatever you’re chosen method is, we’re sure that with enough practice any of the lures and baits that we have outlined in this guide will work.

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