Best Brackish Water Fishing Rigs

If you’re fishing coastal waters eventually you will come across brackish waters, where the freshwater meets the saltwater. Brackish water environments present a unique fishing opportunity because you can often catch a blend of fish normally only found in either freshwater or saltwater environments.

If you’re going to be successful fishing brackish waters, you need a good rig that can handle the job. Here we will take a look at a few of the best fishing rigs you should be using if you’re fishing brackish waters.

Fish Finder Rig

The fish finder rig is one of the easiest rigs to tie. It features a leader with a hook and barrel swivel tied to the main line right behind a fish finder slide. You will have to make sure your hook is appropriately sized for the fish you are targeting.

We recommend using the fish finder rig when fishing off of bridges. Oftentimes, when you are fishing brackish water, fishing the bridge is the best spot because the fish like to hold near the structure.

Fish Finder Diagram

Dropper Rig

The dropper rig is another excellent rig for fishing brackish waters. It is made with a hook tied on via a dropper loop to your line and a sinker at the end. The dropper rig is excellent for fishing near structure along the bottom. If you’re fishing brackish waters try using shrimp on your hook to really get the fish biting. This is another great one to use when fishing off bridges if you think the fish will be near the bottom.

Dropper Rig


Slip Bobber Rig

The slip bobber rig is a classic rig that allows you to fish lighter species with a sensitive bite, while also being able to easily adjust your fishing depth. It is rigged with a slip-float, followed by an egg sinker, bead, swivel, leader and hook.

The slip bobber rig is great for fishing brackish waters because you can easily adjust your depth and fish deep or shallow depending on the area. You can fish it along the coast, or off bridges to catch a variety of species.