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How to Catch White Bass – Fishing Tips

White bass (also known as silver bass or sand bass) is a popular freshwater game fish found in many areas throughout the U.S. They are commonly fished in many lakes and rivers throughout the midwest and the southern United States. They are also the state fish of Oklahoma. If you’re fishing for white bass, we … Read more

How to Catch Ribbonfish

How to Catch Ribbonfish

Ribbonfish also known as cutlassfish or hairtail are slim and long fish that somewhat look like a silver eel. They are named ribbonfish due to their long appearance. They can commonly be found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. They are prized for their taste in many Asian countries, though in the United States … Read more

How to Hook Fiddler Crab

How to Hook a Fiddler Crab

For certain fish species such as sheepshead, redfish, black drum, tarpon, and pompano, using a fiddler crab as bait is often the most productive bait you can use. They work extremely well for fish that are used to eating them. If you’ve never used fiddler crab as bait before, in this short guide we will … Read more

How to Catch Sheepshead – Fishing Tips

Sheepshead Fishing Tips

Sheepsheads Fish, also known as the convict fish due to it’s black and white bars, are a popular game fish to catch along the Western Atlantic Ocean. They look very similar to black drum and are often confused with this species. Though they don’t look particularly pleasing, they are known to be quite delicious, which … Read more

Best Minnesota Fishing

Best Minnesota Fishing

Minnesota is the land of the 10,000 lakes, which makes it a dream for every angler. In Minnesota, there are plenty of lakes and rivers filled with fish just waiting to attack your lure. With so many fishing opportunities it can be difficult to know where to start. In this guide we will cover the … Read more

How to Catch Snook – Snook Fishing Tips

Snook Fishing Tips

Snook are a popular fish to target for those that like surf fishing and inshore fishing. They are known as a powerful and aggressive species which makes them exciting to battle. If you’re fishing for snook, we created this guide for you. Here we will cover the different types of snook and how to identify … Read more

How to Use a Popper Lure

How to Use a Surface Popper Lure

Popper lures are a thrilling and effective way to lure fish to the surface and attract bites. Fishing with a surface popper is way more exciting than using your average lure because you can see a giant fish come up and trash it. If you’re new to fishing with popper lures, read this short guide … Read more

How to Catch White Perch – White Perch Fishing Tips

The white perch is a popular game fish through the eastern part of North America. They are commonly fished throughout the great lakes and east coast regions. These small silver-colored fish are not actually a true perch but are a relative of the striped bass. They are found in freshwater and coastal areas though they … Read more

How to Use a Rooster Tail Lure

How to use a rooster tail lure

Rooster tail spinners are an extremely popular choice when it comes to fishing lures. The color, flash, and vibration of these lures are what cause the hungry fish to strike. These lures have proven time and time again that they work on attracting game fish of every kind. That is why most serious anglers carry … Read more

Rockfish Fishing Tips – How To Catch Rockfish

Catching Rockfish

Rockfish are common to the pacific ocean ranging from California up to Northern Alaska. They are commonly fished for commercial and sport use. They are known for being very lean and tasty but have been overfished in some areas so the seasons may often be tightly controlled depending on the waters. Fishing for rockfish is … Read more