How to Fish a Woolly Bugger

How to Fish a Wooly Bugger

Woolly buggers are widely regarded as one of the best fly patterns an angler can have in their toolbox. If you’re new to fishing with woolly buggers, in this short post we will cover how to set them up, and how to use them effectively to catch more fish. What is a Woolly Bugger? A … Read more

How to Use a Frog Lure

How To Use a Frog Lure

Frog lures are one of the best topwater lures you can use. It can be absolutely thrilling to see a monster bass come and attack your topwater frog. They are excellent for fishing over weeds but can also be used in open waters too. If you’ve never used a frog lure before, we created this … Read more

How to Use a Popper Lure

How to Use a Surface Popper Lure

Popper lures are a thrilling and effective way to lure fish to the surface and attract bites. Fishing with a surface popper is way more exciting than using your average lure because you can see a giant fish come up and trash it. If you’re new to fishing with popper lures, read this short guide … Read more

How to Use a Rooster Tail Lure

How to use a rooster tail lure

Rooster tail spinners are an extremely popular choice when it comes to fishing lures. The color, flash, and vibration of these lures are what cause the hungry fish to strike. These lures have proven time and time again that they work on attracting game fish of every kind. That is why most serious anglers carry … Read more