How to Catch Burbot

Burbot Fishing

Burbot is a freshwater fish that somewhat resembles a catfish and eel in appearance. They have elongated bodies, flat had, and wide mouths. Burbot is not a very popular game fish but they can be somewhat hard to catch, which can be appealing for those anglers looking for a challenge. If you’re fishing for burbot … Read more

How to Catch Whiting

whiting fishing

Whiting are not often considered a popular sport fish to target, but many anglers actually love fishing them (and eating them). Though the name whiting can be a little misleading, considering there are a few different species that you may hear referred to as whiting, like the southern kingfish, gulf kingfish, and kingcroaker. Whichever whiting … Read more

How to Catch Dolly Varden

dolly varden fishing

Dolly varden is a species of fish found in cold-water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean. They are found in northwestern parts of North America and Northern Asia. Dolly varden are related to bull trout and arctic char and are often confused with them by many anglers. In this guide, we will cover everything you need … Read more

How to Catch Croaker

Fishing for Croaker

Atlantic croaker are found in coastal waters and the Western parts of the Atlantic Ocean. In North America they are commonly fished from Massachusetts all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re going fishing for croaker, read these tips and learn everything you need to know about this fish. Croaker Identification Atlantic … Read more

Brackish Water Fishing Tips

Catching Brackish Water Fish

Along the coast, you can find areas where freshwater and saltwater blend together to create a unique brackish water fishing environment. In brackish waters, you can often catch a wide variety of species that are usually found in either freshwater or saltwater areas. If you’re going fishing in brackish water, these tips will help you … Read more

Smelt Fishing Tips

How to Catch Smelt

Smelt are a fish found throughout the Northern Atlantic and Pacific ocean, and lakes, rivers, and streams throughout North America and Europe. They are popular to ice fish throughout the Great Lakes regions, though they can be caught year-round if you look in the right places. If you’re new to fishing smelt, read these tips … Read more

How to Catch Arctic Char

Arctic Char Fishing

Arctic char is a fish found in cold water areas that is related to salmon and trout. It is common to parts of Alaska, Canada, and Nordic countries where it can be fished recreationally. If you’re going to be targeting arctic char on your next fishing trip, read this guide and learn how to catch … Read more

How to Catch Grouper

How to Catch Grouper

Grouper are well known for putting up a good fight, while also being one of the better tasting fish you can catch. These reasons together are why they are a popular fish for anglers to target. If you’re targeting grouper on your next fishing trip, here we will cover how to identify grouper, where to … Read more

How to Catch Lake Sturgeon – Fishing Tips

Lake Sturgeon Fishing Tips

Lake sturgeon is one of the largest freshwater fish species that you can catch in North America. They are commonly targeted by anglers throughout the great lakes regions, Canada, and as far down south as Alabama and Mississippi due to the Mississippi River. If you’re targeting this ancient species you need to read this. In … Read more

How to Catch Lake Whitefish – Fishing Tips

Lake Whitefish Fishing Tips

Lake whitefish are a popular sportfish to target that are found throughout the northern United States and parts of Canada. They are prized as a commercial fish due to their delicate flavor, but also make a great gamefish for recreational anglers as well. If you’re targeting whitefish on your next fishing trip, then you need … Read more