Kenai River Fishing Tips

Kenai River Fishing

Kenai River is the most popular fishing destination in Alaska. The river stretches 82 miles through gorgeous natural scenery that makes it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a relaxing fishing getaway. Kenai is prized for its salmon fishing, though you can catch a variety of other species throughout the river as well. … Read more

How to Catch Crappie – Fishing Tips

Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappie are a popular panfish to catch throughout North America. If you know what you are doing, they can be caught year-round. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about crappie fishing. We will teach you how to identify crappies and where to fish for them. We will also cover the … Read more

How to Catch Pike – Fishing Tips

Pike Fishing Tips

Pike also known as northern pike, or notherns, are a popular fish to catch in northern parts of the world. They are commonly fished across the upper midwest United States and parts of Canada. Northern pike are known to go large in size, which makes them great for those fishing giant trophy-sized fish. They are … Read more

How to Catch Pickerel – Fishing Tips

Pickerel Fishing Tips

Chain Pickerel are not typically thought of as a popular game fish to catch, but this often-overlooked species can be an exciting challenge. They tend to put up a good fight and are known to be surprisingly tasty, which makes it all the more rewarding to snag a monster. If you’re going after this species, … Read more

How to Catch Lingcod – Fishing Tips

Lingcod Fishing Tips

Lingcod sometimes called buffalo cod or cultus cod is a fish found throughout North America on the West Coast. They are found from Mexico to California, and even in parts of Mexico. They are very popular to eat, which makes them all the more exciting to catch. If you’re fishing for lingcod, you need to … Read more

How to Catch Bluefish – Fishing Tips

Bluefish Fishing Tips

Bluefish is a popular game fish found around the world. They are particularly prominent along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, where the prime spot is for fishing them in the United States. These fish are known to be aggressive feeders which makes fishing them fun for all ages. In this guide to fishing bluefish, … Read more

How to Catch Speckled Trout – Fishing Tips

Speckled Trout Fishing Tips

Speckled trout also known as spotted seatrout or specks, are a popular game fish found throughout parts of the Southern United States ranging from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean all the way down from Florida up to Maryland. Though they are called trout, they are actually a member of the drum family … Read more

How To Catch Pompano – Fishing Tips

Pompano Fishing Tips

Pompano are an extremely popular fish to catch for several reasons. They are known to be one of the best-tasting fish, they aren’t very difficult to catch, but they still put up a good fight, which makes it enjoyable to fish them. If you’re fishing for pompano you need to read this guide. Here we … Read more

How to Catch Bullhead Catfish – Fishing Tips

Bullhead Fishing Tips

Bullhead catfish will charge your lure and viciously attack it while putting up a fight as you try to reel them in. That is one of the many reasons anglers all over the United States love fishing bullheads. Not only are they delicious, but the thrill of reeling in these hard fighting species makes it … Read more

How to Catch Bluegill – Fishing Tips

Bluegill Fishing Tips

Bluegill (sometimes called bream, brim or sunny) are one of the most popular panfish to catch in North America. They are abundant in freshwater lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds and have been introduced in most areas throughout North America. If you’re fishing for bluegill, we created this guide for you. Here we will cover a … Read more