Salmon River – Lower

lower_salmonThe lower 60 miles of the Salmon River is an enchanting whitewater rafting trip that blends hot sun, warm water, fun rapids and the most beautiful white sand beaches of any river in the West.

No other river offers as perfect a setting for family rafting adventures as does the lower Salmon River Canyons, perfect for rafters ages five and up.


The put-in is near Whitebird, Idaho and the river flows through twisted volcanic canyons that open up to vast mountains soaring into an endless western sky.  Even though younger rafters are welcomed on this river, you’ll still find plenty of action.  The river cuts through four different canyons – Green, Cougar, Snowhole and Blue – and in each of these, cliffs and boulders constrict the river creating raft-tossing rapids that quench your thirst for white water excitement.

Idaho. Lower Salmon River. Whitewater rafting through canyon. MRThroughout the trip you will navigate dozens of exciting rapids such as:  Rollercoaster, Demon’s Drop, Big Mama, Whitehouse, Bodacious Bounce, Half and Half, Gobbler, Snow-hole, China, Devil’s Slide, Guides Revenge, and Eye of the Needle.

Between the rapids ample time exists to relax, drift and enjoy the mountain vistas and soaring eagles.  Another attraction is the short hikes to historic sites of the Nez Perce Indians, as well as 19th century Chinese miners.  Camping conditions are ideal.  From the soft white sand you can wade into clear swimming pool-like water.

In a land of raw beauty, the Lower Salmon passes through the narrow volcanic canyons of Western Idaho. Summer weather is typically hot and sunny with delightful mosquito-free evenings and a great Western sky sparkling with stars.  Trips generally run from early July through early September.