Moose River

Section of river: Moose River (Middle)
Difficulty: Class 2-3
Length: 7 miles/11 KM
Season: May – September
Best rapids: Knife’s Edge, Rocket Ride, Cruncher, Hole Brothers

middlemoose1The Middle Moose (May through September) offers a family-friendly whitewater experience on mainly Class II and III rapids.

Situated near the popular tourist town of Old Forge, New York, this is a great day trip for families and visitors looking for a fun-filled 3 to 4 hour summer adventure.

Section of river: Moose River (Lower)
Difficulty: Class 5
Length: 8 miles/13 KM
Season: May – September
Best rapids: Rooster Tail, Mixmaster, Elevator Shaft, Iron Bridge, Tannery

lowermoose2The Moose is a river of many moods.  In April, the Lower Moose comes alive with the first snowmelt, but quickly turns dry by the beginning of May.  But for those who discover this Spring runoff spectacle, it’s an experience never forgotten.  The Lower Moose hurls a series of Class V challenges at boaters who need every bit of their skill, experience and stamina to keep afloat.  Swimmers are not uncommon, and an imperfect line in any of these rapids can quickly turn a raft upside down.  This is a trip for the rafter who has “done it all,” and is still looking for that special adrenaline-packed challenge.

lowermooseDepending on the water level, some of the major rapids like Iron Bridge, Rooster Tail, Mix Master and Elevator Shaft may be scouted from shore before attempting the run.

And for those who wish, a walk-around route is available at most of the biggest drops.  Wet suits are a must, as is swimming ability, and prior experience on Class IV or V whitewater.