Lochsa River

256px-LochsaheadwatersFew whitewater rafting trips anywhere on earth offer as much continuous, explosive whitewater as the Lochsa (pronounced Lock-Saw).

This is big white water!  Huge waves, raft-swallowing holes, paddler-quenching excitement and awesome scenery make this a whitewater rafting vacation classic.  The whitewater rapids themselves are exceptionally long and frequent.

From its headwaters in the Bitterroot Mountains to its confluence with the Selway and Clearwater rivers, the Lochsa pounds and churns through more than 40 major rapids.  The Grim Reaper, Bloody Mary, Ten Pin Alley, Mile Long and the incomparable Lochsa Falls are just a sampling of names on this exciting 1 to 3-day whitewater river trip.  If you’ve rafted West Virginia’s Gauley, or California’s Tuolumne you’ll love Idaho’s wild Lochsa.

lochsa_river2One of the original rivers protected by the US Congress in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the Lochsa is free flowing and as the winter snows begin to melt, rafting trips on the Lochsa begin.  The Lochsa rafting season starts in early May and goes until the water gets too low for rafting, which can be anytime from the middle of July to the middle of August. The river is surrounded by spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery and forests of leafy cedar and gargantuan white pine.

Local resorts in the area offer lodging in beautiful handcrafted log cabins or camping.  These resorts are an ideal base for other attractions in the area including the Lewis and Clark Trail, Selway Falls, and an extensive trail system in the nearby National Forest lands.