Kennebec River

Section of river: Kennebec River (Harris Station to The Forks)
Difficulty: Class 3-4
Length: 12 miles/19 KM
Season: Schedule release dates May to October
Best rapids: Rock Garden, Three sisters, Alleyway, Magic Falls

Famous for its remote wilderness setting, BIG roller coaster waves and summer long flows, the Kennebec is easily the most popular river in the Northeast.

From its source at Moosehead Lake, the river carves its way through a deep, rock-walled gorge on a breathtaking 12 mile journey to The Forks. Legendary rapids like the 3 Sisters, Alleyway, and Magic Falls guarantee to keep your heart racing.

May and June are typically higher water months. Daily releases from Harris Station dam provide consistent flows in July and August  which are ideal for beginners or experienced rafters alike. Warm water and spectacular fall colors make September the ideal month to raft in Maine.

Pioneered in 1976, the Kennebec River winds and bucks through 12 miles of remote, wild and spectacular wilderness gorge before continuing on it’s lazy journey to the sea.  As the last river in the country to have a log drive on it, the Kennebec echoes with the history of native American travel, logging, shipbuilding, fishing and early explorers such as Benedict Arnold.

“A 90-foot deep crack in the earth filled with frothing waves and holes that can, for that moment, make all your trivial concerns disappear” is how one rafter, after a successful decent, described the Kennebec River Gorge.  To most it is just pure fun and excitement. To literally thousands of summer campers, youth groups, graduating seniors, scouting groups, family and friends the Kennebec River Gorge is a thrilling, unforgettable experience for all ages to share and enjoy.