Deerfield River

Deerfield_riverBeginner to advanced rafters alike enjoy rafting on the Deerfield River from April to October. From mellow half-day family float trips to Class III action on Zoar Gap and Class IV excitement on the Dryway, Deerfield River rafting has it all!

Two popular runs on the Deerfield include the Zoar Gap run from Fife Brook Dam to Buckland and the Dryway run from the #5 Dam in Monroe to the Fife Brook Dam.

Zoar Gap

Section of river: Deerfield River, Zoar Gap (Fife Brook Dam to Route 2 near Buckland)
Difficulty: Class 2-3
Length: 10 miles/16 KM
Season: Available April to October
Best rapids: Microwave, Freight Train, and Pinbal, Zoar Gap

Zoar 2The Zoar Gap is a popular run for families, office groups, churches and boy scouts. Children as young as 7 are allowed to run this section as the Class 2 – 3 whitewater rapids are ideal for beginner and intermediate rafters.  Rapids such as Microwave, Freight Train, and Pinball allow crews to hone their skills in preparation for the raging whitewater of Zoar Gap. Below the Gap, the river meanders through gentle drops to the take-out at the #4 Dam at Buckland.


Section of river: Deerfield River, Dryway (#5 Dam Monroe to Fife Brook Dam in Florida, Mass.)
Difficulty: Class 4
Length: 4 miles/6.5 KM
Season: Available April to October
Best rapids: Factory Rapid, Dunbar Brook, Dragon’s Tooth and Labyrinth

west_river_3Experience Class 4 rafting excitement only 2 hours from Boston on the Deerfield River’s most exciting section, the Monroe Bridge Dryway.

Combining the rush of advanced whitewater, the beauty of the northern Berkshires and the camaraderie of a paddling adventure, a Dryway rafting trip is highlight for those seeking a wild whitewater experience.

zoar_gap_3From Factory Rapid past Dunbar Brook, Dragon’s Tooth and Labyrinth, the rolling whitewater keeps you on your toes while the rugged northern Berkshires provide a backdrop of exceptional natural beauty.  Participants must be comfortable in the water and able to paddle and work as a team.