Aquaterra Adventures

Aquaterra Adventures is India’s leading river running company. Aquaterra has pioneered many of the big river runs across the breadth of the Indian Himalaya, including river expeditions on the Brahmaputra, Subansari, Lohit, Tons, Sutlej, and Spiti-Pin rivers.

Aquaterra offers India’s most experienced guides, top equipment and a thorough knowledge of the Indian Himalayan rivers. Our season runs 12 months of the year, a long river running season that few other regions can match. It is possible due to the trans Himalaya area which does not get affected by the monsoon rains.

India has more than a third of the Himalayas, which offer 12-14 different rivers for the enthusiast. A large developing country, fantastic culture, and all round stability make India a world-class rafting destination. You get the whole range too, from small, medium volume rivers to large volume runs comparable with the best river trips in the world.