O.A.R.S. –  Outdoor Adventure River Specialists has connected people’s hearts, minds, and souls with the natural world since 1969.

O.A.R.S. pushed off onto the Colorado River in 1969 as the first oar-powered rafting outfitter permitted to run the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. In the decades since then, we’ve become the largest and most diverse rafting company in North America.

O.A.R.S. has been traveling wild and untouched waterways for nearly 40 years. We believe it’s the best way to reach the essence of the natural world and maybe your own soul.

merced-scenicAnd we’re not alone. In the past decades we’ve been joined by more than 400,000 guests.

Still, there are as many adventures as adventurers. There is no one way to get to the heart of things. That is why we offer you a choice – make that dozens of choices – when you travel with O.A.R.S. There’s a choice of destination, of course. From the desert rivers of the American Southwest, to the pristine rivers of Idaho, and the Pacific Northwest; from the Arctic to the Amazon.

But there is so much more. In addition to rafting and kayaking, you can choose from a range of activities that include – and this is just a partial list – biking, hiking, fishing, swimming, climbing, wine tasting, and horseback riding.

You can also pick the intensity of your adventure. Hair-raising whitewater is an option, so is a tranquil float trip.

We have journeys fit for toddlers and journeys for adventurous 20-year-olds. You can sleep under the stars or under a comforter in a five-star lodge.

You can even choose your travel companions. We offer trips for solo travelers, women-only and for private groups of friends, families or colleagues.

But all our trips have at least two things in common:  We believe in the sanctity of the natural world and our responsibility to protect it. So, wherever we go and however we get there, we are both conscious and careful of the surrounding environment. Every one of our trips will be – to the best of our experience and ability – unforgettable.