Rafting History

Rafting is one of the earliest point of transportation, used as a cause for shipping people, hunting, and transferring food.

In 1842, Lieutenant John Fremont of the U.S. Army blessing journalized his rafting quest on the Platte River. Horace H. Day designed the apparatus he used in rafting. Day’s rafts were constructed from four outward rubber cloth tubes and wrap-around floor. [1]

In 1960s, rafting was consequently manifest and paths appreciate Grand Canyon were routed and whitewater rafting companies were established.

In 1970s, rafting characteristic its vital
growing as a one’s move mirth when it was accordingly included in the Munich Olympic Games.

In 1980s, as rafting lengthy to perfect its popularity, a clot of rivers were opened for rafting activities. Rivers in South America and Africa were deserved a few of them.

In 1990s, rafting was included in vital
response events delight in the Barcelona Games in 1992, Atlanta Games in 1996, and the whitewater events of the Summer Olympic Games hosted by Ocoee River in Tennessee Valley. In addition, the International Federation of Rafting was instituted in 1997 and in 1999 the finest Official International Championship was held.

Nowadays, river rafting is smooth gaining celebration among borderline douse sports in directive to rouse and push the raft passengers.