Best Spoons for Northern Pike

Best Pike Spoon Lures

Spoon lures are very popular for their effectiveness at catching game fish such as pike. The attractive wobble and flash of a good spoon lure is irresistible to northern pike. Here we will look at some of the best spoon lures to use for pike fishing. Best Spoons for Northern Pike Fishing Original Dardevle Spoons … Read more

Best Lure for Northern Pike

Best Pike Fishing Lures

Fishing for northern pike is a favorite of many anglers. These fish are highly prized are abundant in many states throughout North America. If you want to increase your success when fishing for pike, you need a good lure that attracts the bites. Here we will review the top picks for pike lures. Best Lures … Read more

Best Lures for Snook

Best Snook Lures

Snook are an ambush feeding species. They prefer to hang out around structure and ambush their prey. They are also more active at feeding during the night and in low-light conditions, which makes this the optimal time for snook fishing. For snook fishing, you can use live bait, bet a good lure works well too. … Read more

Best Bluegill Lures for Bass

Bluegill Lures for Bass Fishing

The bluegill is an abundant food source for many largemouth bass. If you’re trying to catch more bass and you’re fishing in a lake that has a lot of bluegills, you might have success trying to “match the hatch”, by using a bluegill swimbait lure. Here we will take a look at some of the … Read more

Best Lure for Salmon

Best Salmon Lures for Fishing

A good lure will greatly increase your odds of catching salmon. Salmon fishing in parts of North America. They can be found in saltwater and freshwater. No matter where you are fishing you still need a good lure though. Here we will take a look at some of the best lures for salmon fishing. Best … Read more

Best Lake Trout Lure

Best Lures for Lake Trout

When you’re fishing on the lake, every angler knows a good lure can make or break your day. A good lure will definitely increase your success rate when it comes to catching more trout. Here we will take a look at some of the best tried and true lake trout lures. Best Trout Lures for … Read more

Best River Fishing Walleye Lure

River Walleye Fishing Lures

Many anglers love fishing for walleye in rivers. Rivers usually have stable populations of fish, and the river walleye are not as affected by weather and temperature changes. This is why fishing on rivers is a favorite of many anglers. If you’re going to fish on the river you need a good lure through. Here … Read more

Best Bass Lures for Ponds

Bass Lures for Ponds

If you’re fishing for bass in your local pond you need a good lure to attract the bites. Pond fish will respond better to different kinds of lures compared to lake or river fish. This is why every angler needs a good set of pond lures to carry in their tackle box. Here we will … Read more

Best Frog Lures for Bass Fishing

Best Bass Fishing Topwater Frog Lures

Many anglers love the excitement of bass fishing with a topwater frog lure. When the bass are biting, it can be a lot more fast-paced than your average fishing trip. This is why frog lures are a favorite of so many fishermen. Here we will take a look at our top picks for bass fishing … Read more

Best Spinnerbait for Bass Fishing

Best Bass Spinnerbait

Spinnerbait is designed to spin through water which creates an attractive motion and flash that mimics small fish and other prey that bass feed upon. They are a tried and true lure for catching bass, with many anglers using them as a favorite. Here we will review some of the best spinnerbaits to use when … Read more