How to Catch Croaker

Fishing for Croaker

Atlantic croaker are found in coastal waters and the Western parts of the Atlantic Ocean. In North America they are commonly fished from Massachusetts all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re going fishing for croaker, read these tips and learn everything you need to know about this fish. Croaker Identification Atlantic … Read more

Brackish Water Fishing Tips

Catching Brackish Water Fish

Along the coast, you can find areas where freshwater and saltwater blend together to create a unique brackish water fishing environment. In brackish waters, you can often catch a wide variety of species that are usually found in either freshwater or saltwater areas. If you’re going fishing in brackish water, these tips will help you … Read more

Smelt Fishing Tips

How to Catch Smelt

Smelt are a fish found throughout the Northern Atlantic and Pacific ocean, and lakes, rivers, and streams throughout North America and Europe. They are popular to ice fish throughout the Great Lakes regions, though they can be caught year-round if you look in the right places. If you’re new to fishing smelt, read these tips … Read more

How to Catch Arctic Char

Arctic Char Fishing

Arctic char is a fish found in cold water areas that is related to salmon and trout. It is common to parts of Alaska, Canada, and Nordic countries where it can be fished recreationally. If you’re going to be targeting arctic char on your next fishing trip, read this guide and learn how to catch … Read more

Best Senko Colors

Best Senko Colors

Senko worms are small stick worms that are impregnated with salt to help catch bass. They are smooth and soft and are made to sink to the bottom. The texture of a senko worm is designed to make bass hold it in its mouth, which gives you more time to set the hook. If you’re … Read more

Carrot Stix Review

Carrot Stix Review

Carrot Stix fishing rods are still relatively new to the fishing world, with the first one introduced in 2007. Nowadays Carrot Stix has a full line of fishing rods made from nano cellulose bio fibers which are designed to make the rod tighter and more responsive than your typical fishing rod. If you’re wondering how … Read more

White Bass Rigs

If you’re trying to catch more white bass, you need to try these three rigs. The sabiki rig, umbrella rig, and drop-shot rig are something every white bass angler should add to their toolbox. Best White Bass Rigs Sabiki Rig The sabiki rig is a great choice when you’re targeting white bass. Sabiki rigs are … Read more

How to Fish a Swim Jig

How to Fish a Swim Jig

Swim jigs can be a powerful tool for catching bass and other species. They are used by professional anglers every day but haven’t found their way into widespread use yet. You definitely want to try fishing a swim jig on your next bass outing. Here we will teach you all about how to set up … Read more

How to Fish a Swimbait

How to Fish A Swimbait

There are days when swimbaits will be the most effective lure you can use for catching big bass. If you fish them correctly, swimbaits can be a powerful tool for catching monster fish. If you’re looking to up your swimbait game, here we will cover a few tips and techniques to use swimbaits more successfully. … Read more

How to Fish a Crawfish Lure

How to Fish a Crawfish Lure

Bass love to feed on crawfish, which is why crawfish imitating lures are a must-have in every bass anglers toolbox. Some days these will be the most effective lures you can use if they are used right. In this short post we will cover a few different ways to rig a crawfish lure, and how … Read more