Best Baitcaster for Light Lures

Baitcasting Gear for Light Baits

Tossing light lures can be a challenge without the right baitcasting gear. Without the right gear your casts will end up too short, or you may end up with backlash. To end up with a good cast you need a balanced rod and reel that can handle lighter weights. Here we will review our recommendations … Read more

3 Best Rigs for Fishing Perch

When it comes to perch fishing, a good rig can make the difference between a bad fishing day and a good one. Some rigs offer distinct advantages and are better suited for targeting the specific areas perch like to hold in. If you’re going perch fishing, these are the top three rigs you should try … Read more

How to Make a Tandem Rig

/flounder rig diagram

The tandem rig is one of the deadliest rigs to use for targeting flounder. It is incredibly easy to set up and use. This is definitely something you want to time you’re targeting flounder What is a Tandem Rig? A tandem rig is essentially a double hook rig. It works great for fishing in shallow … Read more

Pulley Rig for Surf Fishing

If you’re fishing the surf near rocks, weeds, and other structure, there may be no better rig to use than the pulley rig. It may not be the best rig for every fishing scenario, but this setup definitely has its place in your toolbox. Here we will show you how to set up the pulley … Read more

Trout Float Rig

Best Float Rig for Trout

Whether you’re after brook trout, brown trout, or rainbow trout, the classic float rig is essential when you’re fishing rivers. Using a floating river is excellent for fishing the river because it allows for extended drifts, which is important for working in the current. Here we will show you how to set up this basic … Read more

Puppy Drum Fishing Tips

puppy drum fishing

Puppy drum, also known as juvenile red drum or redfish is a popular game fish found in the Atlantic Ocean. In the United States, they are fished from Massachusetts all the way down to Florida where fishing for puppy drum in the surf is common. If you’re going fishing for puppy drum, read these tips. … Read more

How to Catch Burbot

Burbot Fishing

Burbot is a freshwater fish that somewhat resembles a catfish and eel in appearance. They have elongated bodies, flat had, and wide mouths. Burbot is not a very popular game fish but they can be somewhat hard to catch, which can be appealing for those anglers looking for a challenge. If you’re fishing for burbot … Read more

How to Catch Whiting

whiting fishing

Whiting are not often considered a popular sport fish to target, but many anglers actually love fishing them (and eating them). Though the name whiting can be a little misleading, considering there are a few different species that you may hear referred to as whiting, like the southern kingfish, gulf kingfish, and kingcroaker. Whichever whiting … Read more

How to Catch Dolly Varden

dolly varden fishing

Dolly varden is a species of fish found in cold-water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean. They are found in northwestern parts of North America and Northern Asia. Dolly varden are related to bull trout and arctic char and are often confused with them by many anglers. In this guide, we will cover everything you need … Read more

Best Brackish Water Fishing Rigs

Brackish Water Fishing Rigs

If you’re fishing coastal waters eventually you will come across brackish waters, where the freshwater meets the saltwater. Brackish water environments present a unique fishing opportunity because you can often catch a blend of fish normally only found in either freshwater or saltwater environments. If you’re going to be successful fishing brackish waters, you need … Read more