Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fishing Basic tips

Learning to fish takes practice. One of the most enjoyable things about fishing is that there is an endless amount of skills and techniques to learn. Even advanced anglers are constantly learning new things. If you’re a beginner, fishing can seem overwhelming at first. But we’re here to help. We created this 101 guide of … Read more

Snook Fishing Rigs


For many saltwater anglers, snook is the ultimate prize. This hard-fighting fish is not only fun to catch, but tastes great when cooked properly as well. If you want to up your snook fishing game, a properly set up fishing rig is often the best way to catch them. Here we will take a look … Read more

Catching Redfish in Venice, Louisiana

Redfishing Venice Louisiana

Redfish are abundant throughout the Louisiana Coast. Some even consider Venice the redfish capital of the world. If you’re targeting Redfish in the Louisiana coastal waters, read these tips. Fish Brackish Waters the marsh waters and brackish waters throughout Venice are a thriving environment for fish. The plentiful baitfish in the area are known to … Read more

Mille Lacs Lake Fishing

Mille Lacs Fishing

Mille Lacs Lake is Minnesota’s second-largest lake. The lake is roughly 132,000 acres or just over 200 square feet. Though the lake is quite large, it is a shallow lake with a maximum depth of about 40 feet. It is located in Mille Lacs, Crow Wing, and Aitkin County. Overview This is a year-round vacation … Read more

Lake Pulaski Fishing


Lake Pulaski is an underrated fishing lake lying in the heart of Buffalo, Minnesota in Wright County. The lake is approximately 700 acres in size and has an average depth of about 37 feet. The lake is one of the better walleye lakes in the area. The walleye can range from 8 inches to 25 … Read more

How to Rig a Jig Head

Jig head rigging

Most beginner anglers will buy their soft plastic lures with hooks already attached—and this works fine for most people. Eventually, you will reach a point when you want to have a specific jig head weight with complete customization of the shape and color of your soft plastic bait. This is why learning to properly rig … Read more

Surf Fishing Rig for Whiting

Whiting are most commonly fished in the surf throughout beaches along to the coast of Florida. They usually hang out in troughs in waters less than 6 feet deep. If you’re going to catch whiting in the surf, you’re going to need to set up a good fishing rig. The dropper loop rig is the … Read more

How to Catch Rainbow Trout in a Stocked Pond

Pond trout

Rainbow trout is an extremely popular stocked fish that can be found in many fishing ponds. Rainbows are a fun fish to catch, and they are pretty tasty too. If you’re fishing rainbow trout in a stocked pond, read these tips to help you catch more fish. Where to Fish In ponds, trout tend to … Read more

Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout

Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout

For many anglers, the cold of winter means the end of fishing season. For some, the rainbow trout ice fishing season is just beginning. Follow these tips to catch more rainbow trout through the ice. Location The most important part is to locate where the rainbows are. They will most often be found in shallow … Read more

Fall Pickerel Fishing


Pickerel are known for feeding heavily when the water temperatures begin dropping in the fall. The time of year many other fish begin to slow down can produce some of the best pickerel fishing. Follow these tips to catch the most chain pickerel in autumn. Find the baitfish when the water begins to cool in … Read more